The Collector

Mr. Ron Brigham, The Collector

Ron Brigham, The Collector

Born in Toronto, January 3, 1944, Ron Brigham has been sorting his way through essays, proofs, stamps and postal history since the age of nine. He received his first stamps and an album from his parents for Christmas 1953. Although he collected various countries he quickly abandoned his school-boy collections to pursue more specialized collections of Canada, the United States, Great Britain and the Canadian Provinces. Since the early 1980s he has concentrated his efforts on assembling the best collection of Canada ever put together while keeping and sometimes enhancing his other collections. These latter collections have now been almost all disposed of.

In late 1998 Mr. Brigham decided that there was room for an additional philatelic auction firm in Canada. He specifically felt that an auction firm with a vision of “Specializing in the art of philately” should be put together and should be “run by the collector for the collector”. Brigham Auctions Ltd. held 35 successful auctions before going into abeyance n 2008. It was revived in January 2013 to organize the sale of The Brigham Collection.

Ron Brigham was elected a fellow of The Royal Philatelic Society of Canada in 2002, and is the only Canadian member of the Club de l’Élite de la philatélie de Monte Carlo. To this date, his Pence and Cents exhibit is the only exhibit of Canada to win a World Championship (Belgium, 2001).

About the Collection

The Brigham Collection of Canada is composed of all the issues of Canada from 1851 to the early 1980s. The Collection is heavily weighted in favour of the 1851-1925 issues. From 1926 on the Collection contains great rarities but is not necessarily as complete as the previous issues.

For the earlier period Mr. Brigham has created many detailed and researched world-class exhibits; most of which will find their way to this site for your enjoyment. They will be shown on the original pages on which they were exhibited. As a consequence, the older exhibits prepared in the 1990s and early 2000s will have information that may be outdated as to quantities available, periods of use or provenance. The viewer should realize that these are displays that have not been in competition; in some cases for more than 10 years and that the information was current at the time of their assembly.

The exhibits will be listed in chronological order and will be uploaded as they are scanned. Each will have an introductory paragraph indicating its history and development.

Many exhibits have achieved high awards including many Large Golds. A complete list of these awards, in chronological order will be found on the awards page.